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**POWERTAP** Now ISO 529 taps included (4.06 MB)

NEW Power Taps - The universal range for most materials with standard ISO 529 taps

CR100 Milling Cutters (1.92 MB)

Diamond Coated Milling Cutters for Fibre-reinforced Composites.

Guhring Grooving System (33.59 MB)

With its new grooving systems Guhring is extending its product portfolio with stationary tools for turning operations.

HR500 Reamers (2.39 MB)

*NEW*Solid carbide and Cermet-tipped high-performance reamers.

HT800 Interchangeable Insert Drilling System (3.31 MB)

With the new HT 800 WP interchangeable drilling system Guhring provides high-performance and cost-efficient holders for holes in the diameter range from 11.00 to 40.0 mm

ISO 529 Standard Taps now availiable (1.10 MB)

Universal Taps to ISO 529 standard availiable ex-stock

Micro Fluteless Taps (2.75 MB)

Micro Fluteless Taps as a standard item

Micro Precision Tools (4.43 MB)

Micro machining is constantly gaining importance in industries from mechanical engineering to electrical engineering. Here the drilling operation is the focal element. The smaller the components become the higher the demand on precision, consistent accuracy and economic efficiency of the process.

Regrind Order Sheet (209.98 KB)

Please complete the attached sheet and return it with your regrinds. Thank-You!

RF100 Diver Milling Cutters (with new sizes) (1.97 MB)

A range of carbide milling cutters for universal applications with the unique ability to ramp steeply and quickly

SuperLine 10th edition out NOW (5.53 MB)

SuperLine updated with new ranges of Milling Cutters & Taps

TM Vending Machines (3.99 MB)

The updated vending solutions

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