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Guhring Dives Into Micro Milling

posted 02nd February 2021 by Lisa Bigge

The new micro-precision milling range is a universal tool that is perfect for every material and every application. Providing plunging and milling in a single tool, the new RF100 Micro Diver permits extreme cutting values with very highly cutting depths that until now, were beyond the realms of micro-precision cutting tools. Available in two variants, the 6808 and 6809, the RF100 Micro Diver features a symmetrical drilling face for stability when ramping and drilling, a new transition geometry to improve rigidity and an innovative flute form that further enhances rigidity and eliminates vibration.

The RF100 Micro Diver 6808 Series is a three flute solid carbide end mill suitable for cutting materials up to 48HRC at depths up to 2.5XD. With a 40degree helix angle to evacuate chips from the work area when conducting high-speed machining, the 6808 Series is available with a H5 4 or 6mm shank diameter and a H8 cutting diameter from 0.79mm to 3.175mm with a multitude of dimensional increments available. This range has an overall length from 38.1 to 50.8mm with a cutting length from 1.97 to 7.93mm with the choice of 4 or 6 Guhrojet peripheral through coolant channels available. To enhance tool life further, the end mills incorporate a 45-degree corner chamfer to prevent edge chipping when machining challenging materials. This micro-fine corner chamfer ranges from 0.016mm to 0.64mm depending upon the tool diameter selected.

For the machining of pockets and slots up to 5XD, manufacturers can be selected in exciting new RF100 Micro Diver 6809 Series. Like the shorter length variant, the 6809 Series offers the choice of 4 or 6 Guhrojet peripheral through coolant channels, a H5 4 or 6mm shank diameter and a 45-degree corner chamfer to prevent edge chipping. In comparison to the shorter 6808 variant, the 6809 offers an overall tool length from 45 to 57.15mm with a 5.00 to 15.87mm cutting length. Despite the impressive length to diameter ratio, the 6809 retains an unprecedented level of rigidity and stability for high-speed slotting, ramping, drilling and plunging, which is credit to the high-strength design that is presented through the transition geometry and ultra-fine carbide composition.

From a tool life perspective, both new end mills have an optimised geometry that adds strength and rigidity whilst the new HIPIMS Durox coating from Guhring enables the end-user to achieve a very high surface finish with optimal chip removal rates. Furthermore, this innovative coating technology demonstrates outstanding resilience against wear and oxidation when wet or dry machining on a diverse material selection that includes everything from low and high alloyed steel, stainless, cast iron, aluminium and copper alloys as well as heat resistant alloys and hardened steels. If you want to dive into micro-machining with productivity and performance that exceeds all expectations, the multi-purpose RF100 Micro Diver is the tool for your business.

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