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Guhring Ramps-Up Milling Range With New RF Speed Cutters

posted 14th November 2019 by Lisa Bigge

Developed for the machining of very tough materials, the new RF100 5-Speed and RF100 7-Speed solid carbide end mills take cutting speeds and process reliability to a new level. The increased tooth number of the five-fluted 5-Speed and seven-fluted 7-Speed generate high metal removal rates with stable process reliability, even when processing the most difficult-to-machine materials.

Providing high-performance roughing even at high cutting depths, the two new ranges maximise feed rate parameters during large metal removal rates.  As part of the highly dynamic Guhring Trochoidal Cutting (GTC) series, the new RF100 5-Speed and RF100 7-Speed are perfect for machining tough stainless steels, special alloys and a wide variety of steel and cast-iron grades.

At limited machine speeds or cutting speeds limited by the material, the RF 100 5 and 7-Speed ensure high feed rates and long tool life thanks to the increased number of teeth. The new arrivals are particularly suitable for difficult-to-machine materials under stable conditions and they can conduct trochoidal cutting at an ae rate of up to 10%.

On the RF 100 5-Speed this performance is credit to a 38° helix angle with an unequal flute spacing that reduces contact points during low-vibration machining. Similarly, the RF 100 7-Speed incorporates a 32° helix angle with unequal flute spacing for quiet cutting and low-vibration machining. On both the RF 100 5-Speed and RF 100 7-Speed, the large, wide flutes and chip breakers have been integrated for fast and secure chip evacuation. With centre cutting capabilities, the new end mills have increased clearance in the centre for efficient plunging/helical milling.

The optimal cutting conditions for the RF 100 5-Speed is applications on all tough materials up to 1200N/mm² and where a ramping angle of up to 10° is required. The new innovation is also perfect for slotting with cutting depths up to 1XD and helical milling. Whilst the RF 100 7-Speed is also the perfect choice for tough materials up to 1400N/mm², the seven fluted variant is also ideal for helical milling at in-feeds of up to 0.05XD ap per cycle.

From a dimension perspective, the RF 100 5-Speed is available with cutting diameters of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20mm with a necked diameter that permits cutting depths from 20 to 62mm depending upon diameter selected. The overall tool length retains uncompromising rigidity during the machining of difficult to access surfaces. Furthermore, each of the six diameter options are available with three different cutting-edge radii. This ranges from 0.2mm radius to 1mm on the smallest 6mm tool and more appropriately a 1.5, 2 and 3mm radius on the largest 20mm end mills.

Like the RF 100 5-Speed, the 7-Speed is also available in diameters from 6 to 20mm with a necked length for additional reach and clearance when slotting and ramping. Like the 5-Speed, the 7-Speed also has an overall cutting depth of 20cm – 62cm and it offers an equally impressive variety of corner radii.

As part of the range of tools suitably applicable to Guhring’s GTC milling strategies, the new tools when applied with state-of-the-art and most effective application methods deliver market leading performance. Very high cutting parameters can be achieved even with less powerful machines or unstable machining conditions. With difficult-to-machine materials or unfavourable diameter-length-ratios of the tools, a massive increase of process reliability can be achieved.

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